IdeaScale Acquires Betterific, Offering Comprehensive Internal and External Open Innovation Capabilities

"IdeaScale is the perfect match for Betterific. With our powers combined we will be able to help brands realize the full potential of crowdsourcing - both internally and externally," said Micha Weinblatt, founder of Betterific. "IdeaScale is now the one-stop-shop to discover your next groundbreaking idea and unearth the insights to get to market faster."
IdeaScale has acquired two other companies in their history in order to empower leaders in developing their emerging innovation programs: idea management platform, Ideavibes, (2014) and self-paced innovation learning platform, (2016).

AFMC seeks innovative ideas through IdeaScale Campaign

Innovation is the driving factor behind the Air Force Materiel Command’s ability to meet the requirements of the National Defense Strategy.
To support the drive to deliver what the Air Force needs at the speed of relevance, Airmen and civilians from across the enterprise are invited to submit innovative ideas and solutions to improve the AFMC mission through the Air Force Ideation Platform, or IdeaScale, now through September 2020.

Here’s how you can help the Air Force celebrate its 75th birthday

The winner will be announced around April 1 and will receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Air Force Association’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference in September to attend the Air Force’s 75th birthday celebration and meet the CSAF and CMSAF.
Participate in helping the US Air Force find their theme for their 75th birthday through their IdeaScale website!

Environmentally friendly treadmills save money, energy for 786th FSS

Spark Tank is an annual competition in which Airmen pitch innovative ideas to top Air Force leadership and a panel of industry experts at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium. The Spark Tank competitors are active-duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard Airmen and Air Force civilians.
The United States Air Force partners with IdeaScale which allows Airmen to share ideas, discuss submissions and upvote solutions they like. The Airmen with the most upvoted ideas then compete at the culminating event, Spark Tank.

The Idea Guy® Partners with IdeaScale, Adding Creativity Training to Innovation Management

Every business leader has a problem, and every one of them can be solved with a good idea," explains Kevin Popović, Founder of The Idea Guy®
The Idea Guy®, an expert in creating new ideas that solve problems, has partnered with IdeaScale, the world's largest cloud-based innovation software platform, to collaborate on best-in-class training programs with worldwide reach.

UCalgary will address challenging provincial budget

Institution’s sound strategic direction and entrepreneurial approach will allow UCalgary to remain a leader in post-secondary education
President McCauley reminds the campus community of the importance of providing feedback and ideas for consideration regarding the provincial government’s budget. This process was announced at the pre-budget town hall on Oct. 16 and will run until Nov. 1. Campus community members interested in participating have the option to review, comment on and vote for ideas provided by the community. Sign in to IdeaScale at to get started.

Small innovation saves 31st FW thousands of dollars

The team has repaired 474 phones, saving the 31st FW $106,176 to this date with this new technique.
Airmen can submit their ideas through the IdeaScale website. IdeaScale allows Airmen to share ideas, critique submissions, and up vote the most promising solutions. The Airmen with the most game-changing and up-voted ideas then compete at the culminating event.

What is AFWERX, the USAF’s new cultivator of innovation?

The US Air Force's new AFWERX technology accelerator is now seeing several of its projects mature into viable prototypes that are being passed over for operational testing.
AFWERX announced the second winner of its Spark Tank competition in February 2019. The competition, which is the culminating event of the crowdsourcing platform IdeaScale, brings forward new ideas to top military officials including bringing integrated communication to respirators and additions to airdrop mechanisms to improve their reliability.

Unleashing the innovative capacity of our Airmen

Spark Tank is an annual competition where Airmen pitch innovative ideas to top Air Force leadership and a panel of industry experts.
To support Spark Tank, AFWERX launched a crowdsourcing platform called IdeaScale which allows airmen to share ideas, critique submissions, and upvote the most promising solutions. The Airmen with the most game changing and upvoted ideas then compete at the culminating event, Spark Tank.

Kaiser Permanente CEO on the organization’s healthcare “moonshot”

CEO Bernard Tyson spoke about the role innovation is playing in the company's big strategic goals around preventive health.
In an effort to cut through the bureaucratic process that can hamstring innovation at a large company like Kaiser, Tyson and his team created a program called Challenge Possible soliciting solutions from employees to big problems like mental health, community health and personal health. The challenge yielded nearly 2,900 responses.