IdeaScale drives innovation at companies by unearthing ideas

Managers can use IdeaScale to ask employees for innovative ideas on topics ranging from specific product modifications to how the company can improve. If a suggestion receives a certain number of votes, it passes on to the next stage. Once an idea is selected as a project, IdeaScale’s software identifies team members’ roles, tracks progress and outlines next steps, enhancing accountability and efficiency.

Yamaha Want To Know What Your Synth Ideas Are

IdeaScale is a new community platform for discussion
An interesting development from Yamaha, perhaps fueled by the approach Behringer have been taking of late - which encouraged users to tell them what they want in a synth.

Decolonising Data

How We Can Navigate Africa Through The Unknown
Talk to people on the ground. For modern-day explorers, this means investing in customer analytics, inclusive data policies and local innovation challenges. Take Water 4 Life, which used Standard Bank's IdeaScale platform to ask people from Africa for practical ideas to combat water scarcity. The result was an influx of submissions consisting of everything from solar-powered water purification systems to ecofriendly bottle showers.

Line 6’s Feedback Loop: How the Guitar Tech Firm Embraces Social Media

"We make our products for our customers," he says. "So part of that is making sure we’re putting what they want in the box. And so now, very early on, prior to the release of a product actually, we have IdeaScale up, and we're collecting ideas from customers on the functionality and models they want to see."

Nobody Has a Monopoly on Good Ideas:

How the IdeaScale Crowdsourcing Platform Achieved FedRAMP Status
Tim Sussman, vice president of public-sector initiatives at IdeaScale, said that FedRAMP status will “make it easier for customers to move their crowdsourcing initiatives forward with the full confidence of their information technology teams behind them.”

IdeaScale Gets FedRAMP OK for Innovation Mgmt Platform

Customer agencies use the platform as part of efforts to innovate and engage with citizens
Ideascale has obtained Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program certification for a cloud-based software platform designed to help agencies collect innovation ideas from public and private communities.