Line 6’s Feedback Loop: How the Guitar Tech Firm Embraces Social Media

"We make our products for our customers," he says. "So part of that is making sure we’re putting what they want in the box. And so now, very early on, prior to the release of a product actually, we have IdeaScale up, and we're collecting ideas from customers on the functionality and models they want to see."

Nobody Has a Monopoly on Good Ideas:

How the IdeaScale Crowdsourcing Platform Achieved FedRAMP Status
Tim Sussman, vice president of public-sector initiatives at IdeaScale, said that FedRAMP status will “make it easier for customers to move their crowdsourcing initiatives forward with the full confidence of their information technology teams behind them.”

IdeaScale Gets FedRAMP OK for Innovation Mgmt Platform

Customer agencies use the platform as part of efforts to innovate and engage with citizens
Ideascale has obtained Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program certification for a cloud-based software platform designed to help agencies collect innovation ideas from public and private communities.

The Key to Growth is Customer Retention

...which you can achieve by focusing on your customers’ success through exclusive, fun & educational events...
How do companies on the Inc. 5000 list grow so rapidly? We interview Inc. 5000 companies’ CEOs to break down what they do differently and find out as much as possible about their ‘secret sauce’. Today, we interview Robert Hoehn, co-founder and CEO of IdeaScale.

Global Innovation Management Market 2017 Analysis

Segmentation, Competitors Analysis, Product Research, Trends and Forecast by 2023
According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Innovation Management market is expected to grow from $288.25 million in 2016 to reach $1,963.17 million by 2023 with a CAGR of 31.5%. Rising requirement for crowd sourcing innovations from different organizations, shifting work cultures and growing scope for companies due to the development of new and innovative products are some drivers which are positively affecting the market. However, incompetence of enterprises to follow reliable RoI based on innovation management solutions is a major restraint creating a hurdle for the market growth.

2017 Market Guide for Innovation Management Tools

Innovation is widely recognized as a contributor to business success, which in turn is stimulating interest in innovation management tools. This research highlights for application leaders important trends, and profiles representative vendors in this highly fragmented market.

Global Innovation Management Market Is Expected to Reach a USD 1,700 Million by Forecast to 2023

In this rapidly changing world of technology, innovation management market is projected to show major growth prospects during the forecast period. As compared to other regions, the Innovation Management Market in North America is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period. U.S and Canada are anticipated to drive the growth of Innovation Management market. This is owing to the presence of large number of established key players in the innovation management market in that region.

IdeaScale harnesses customers and employees in its crowdsourced innovation platform

Whether government agencies engaging the citizenry, large enterprises solving big business challenges or departments redefining processes, demand for new innovation currently outstrips the supply of technologies helping enable it. With its crowdsource-based innovation platform, IdeaScale is one vendor looking to supply that demand.

How to Use Crowdsourcing to Drive Corporate Sustainability Innovations

Earlier this month at Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ’16 conference, IdeaScale, Topcoder and SensisChallenges presented on the use of crowdsourcing to drive innovation and de-risk the execution of corporate sustainability initiatives.

By pairing idea management solutions from IdeaScale with the crowdsourcing campaign management and marketing that SensisChallenges delivers, and executing on the top ideas through Topcoder’s crowdsourcing challenges, any organization in the room could take advantage of what is an ‘innovation in a box’ solution that effectively strings together varied crowdsourcing offerings into a powerful, scalable program. Bonner shared a recent HPE social good program dubbed the Living Progress Challenge as an example of a large-scale innovation program, powered by crowdsourcing.