Network Intelligence Serving Our Pets

PetEdge is a company that’s been around since the 50s when they first started providing serums to dairy farms in New England. More than 50 years later, they no longer serve dairy farms, but the domestic world of cats and dogs with a variety of products: from cat accessories to senior dog aids.

Despite its long history, PetEdge is now moving into a new generation by making its first foray into crowdsourcing through the collective intelligence of its consumers. In fact, it has already partnered with Genius Crowds to develop the first crowd-sourced pet product, the Speed Bather, created by Carla Leming that will be available in the coming year. The Speed Bather was designed to strip the wet pet’s fur of excess water after a bath.

PetEdge VP of Merchandising and Product Development, Denise Tedaldi says“PetEdge is very excited to partner with Genius Crowds on this new product. We believe strongly in open innovation and are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of new product development through crowdsourcing, serving the needs of pet lovers and pet professionals.”

And although I couldn’t find any other pet-based product development, I did find that crowdsourcing and network intelligence has helped to serve our four-legged friends in other ways in the past.

Last year, the Hartz Mountain Corporation asked the crowd a question allowing pet bloggers and readers to weigh in on what shelters would receive the Hartz annual donation – relying on the intelligence of their network to continue funding the good work of the shelters that need or deserve it most.

What else does the crowd have to offer to the world of domestic pets? Will shelters soon break into the world of crowdfunding?


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