Meet CrowdCare

crowdcareTechnology is of an age where not only have digital devices penetrated a great deal of the population, but the expectation is that they will perform perfectly all the time. I have seen people absolutely break down when their GPS isn’t functioning properly (incapable of planning a cross-town trip), because they are so used to it functioning well and the meltdown is an unrivaled act of entitlement.

Setting aside what this means about us as consumers, what it means for brands is that they can’t afford to ignore the needs of their consumers, but achieving nuanced information about the tiniest details of an app or device is oftentimes difficult, because it is so hard to make everyone expert.

CrowdCare presents an alternative, because the crowd is often the best expert within reach. The method is simple: data is collected from consumers and devices (with great accuracy) and that data is applied towards answering consumer questions. Subscribers don’t have to do anything to share their information and overall support costs are reduced.

A nice differentiator for the CrowdCare offering (as compared to similar solutions) is that it has some nice privacy features (all information gathering is fully disclosed to the customer, information can be masked, and the information collected per device can be customized). And all of this happens within the app.

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How would you apply CrowdCare? Why do you think we have such high expectations for technology?

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