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Management software that gathers employee or customer ideas is important to the generation of new concepts that can help bring businesses to the next level. Managers that connect with their employees and seek their opinions and input will often fine that they have much more satisfied employees who are far more likely to evangelize for their product. Also, because employees are generally the ones on the frontlines of a business, they have valuable insight that can be funneled back into the business’s development. Using IdeaScale to manage their ideas and feedback is a software solution with the most flexibility to scale to a high volume of ideas and support numerous initiatives.

The best form of management is one that engages with every level of the business in a scalable fashion. IdeaScale is a management tool that can be used to track employee ideas and opinions at every level and then turn that information into prioritized, actionable data. Members of either a private or public community type up their thoughts, others vote on those thoughts and the best ideas bubble up to the top. In this way, idea generation becomes a collaborative process that is easy for management (and everyone else) to follow and understand.

Campaign Management

You have this innovative community and important campaigns that you need to implement, but you’d prefer an experienced Innovation Strategist to take the wheel to ensure the people, platform and process are all perfectly organized.

An Innovation Strategist will co-manage your campaign after its launch. We are the extra set of eyes and hands when moderating and engaging your community.

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Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

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