Management of Innovation

For organizations like GE, P&G, and Visa, the management of innovation is the secret to their success. A management breakthrough can deliver a strong advantage to the innovating company and produce a major shift in industry leadership. It’s best to come up with a formal process for fostering management innovation just as these companies have done in both strong and tough economic times. The biggest challenge is being able to generate truly unique ideas. Any company can use IdeaScale as a tool for innovation management to cast a wide net to capture numerous promising ideas and go from there.

Campaign Management

You have this innovative community and important campaigns that you need to implement, but you’d prefer an experienced Innovation Strategist to take the wheel to ensure the people, platform and process are all perfectly organized.

An Innovation Strategist will co-manage your campaign after its launch. We are the extra set of eyes and hands when moderating and engaging your community.

Process Management

Advisory services professionals can help define organizational processes and methods to help optimize innovation activities.

Basecamp Integration

IdeaScale integrates with Basecamp in order to facilitate embedded project management practices.

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