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How it Works

IdeaScale is a platform to collect, distribute, and evaluate ideas that links directly to your Yammer network. Sharing your ideas on Yammer is easier than ever! When you post an idea in IdeaScale, you can also post that idea to Yammer where your colleagues can view and communicate their feedback.

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Getting Started

Now that your IdeaScale community is ready to go, the next step is to specify a campaign and post your first idea in order to generate great conversation! For example: How should you market your latest product? Or, Where should you have next year’s company holiday party?

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Invite Your Colleagues

Ideascale and Yammer make ideation with your colleagues easier than ever! Invite your colleagues to join your new community today and start seeing how customers like EA Sports, NBC, and the White House have worked together to create better ideas and solve tough problems using IdeaScale.

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