Learn from IdeaScale: Engagement Behaviors to Cultivate

613445810_95f712caa1_oJust a few weeks ago IdeaScale enjoyed the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd of crowdsourcers (crowdsorcerors?) at New York’s Crowdopolis. We were privileged to speak alongside numerous well-known industry gurus, client adopters, and social intrapreneurs and even though it’s been over for a few weeks, we hope that it’s given the other attendees some things to think about.

IdeaScale’s presentation at Crowdopolis focused on incentivizing five key behaviors that lead to community engagement success. Now, some of the behaviors themselves might not be rocket science (I’m almost certain at least ten other speakers talked about the importance of “defining goals”), but finding ways to encourage those behaviors so that the crowd helps you become successful – well, that’s what we spent our time talking about.

Because we heard a lot of interest from people on the subject of gamification when it came to crowd behavior, Rob Hoehn will be sharing his presentation from Crowdopolis (complete with The Office references as illustrative examples). If you’re interested in gamification, engagement behavior, badges, or catching up on some industry research, you can register for the webinar “There is No ROI on Understanding Alone” here.

What behaviors do you want to see encourage? What incentives have you seen work best?

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