Launching the Management Innovation Index – Benchmarking Innovation Capabilities

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This article is a repost from Dr. Ralph Kerle’s blog. You can read the original online here.

As a senior leader in your organization. this is an invitation to an exclusive webinar launch of Version 3 of the Management Innovation Index (the MIX).

Innovation in 21st century is now divided into 3 segments – incubators, start-ups and medium to large organizations – each requiring different types of innovation thinking skills. The main challenge for medium to large size organizations is how to grow through their own innovation capabilities. Most medium and larger organizational innovation efforts still start with idea generation. This approach ignores critical organizational skills, practices and capabilities required for innovation success.

It also materially reduces the chance of success.

The Management Innovation Index (the MIX) addresses this critical gap using clear metrics and actionable recommendations.

Launched 7 years ago, the Management Innovation Index has collected over 22,000 pieces of data on building innovation capabilities and capacities. The last 2 years has been spent researching the data collected strengthening and focusing the Management Innovation Index’s analytic powers and its ability to benchmark and drive successful innovation outcomes for our clients.

This 40 minute presentation introduces the updated Management Innovation Index demonstrating how it works by

  • benchmarking your leadership teams for their creativity, surfacing their strengths and weaknesses that can cause impediments to innovation
  • benchmarking the organization’s cumulative innovation capabilities enabling leaders to make informed decisions on how to best develop these vital internal capabilities
  • mapping the organization’s creative flow ensuring the organization aligns its creative inputs to its organizational goals.

A 20 minute Q&A will follow the presentation.


May 10th 9.00am (Sydney Time) Pacific & SE ASIA MIX Presentation
May 11th 8.00am (London Time)  European and Middle East MIX Presentation 
May 24th 4.00pm (Chicago USA Time) North American MIX Presentation
May 26th, 10.00am (PST) IdeaScale Presents the Management Innovation Index

What clients say

“…We engaged with Ralph and his team to help us to assess our organization’s innovation environment using the Management Innovation Index (MIX). The MIX is a unique analytical tool that identifies key strengths and areas of focus to help take innovation forward. Ralph really understands innovation and brings his vast experience to identify solutions to address key areas. He and his team truly understand creativity, and are hugely passionate about it too. This ensures that you not only receive a service that’s second-to-none, but at great value that is uniquely shaped to your organization. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ralph and the MIX….”

Head of Innovation, Allianz UK
The Presenter

Dr Ralph Kerle.
Named as one of IBM’s 100 Global Creative Leaders, Dr Ralph Kerle is an internationally recognized strategist in creativity and innovation and creator of the Management Innovation Index, an analytic that benchmarks and measures organizational creativity and innovation.

Over a 20 year period, he has consulted extensively to senior leaders in such 500 Fortune companies as Caltex, Fosters, Dairy Farmers, Foxtel, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Rolls Royce, Peugeot, Toyota, Telstra, Walt Disney, and Yellow Pages delivering creativity and innovation seminars and workshops to hundreds of senior and middle management participants across all continents. His articles on innovation, its practice and measurement have been widely read and published.

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