Join the IdeaScale Best Practices Conversation

4171232930_ab9c6ec1f9_oIdeaScale prides itself on being a flexible and unique tool that helps numerous companies meet their innovation goals (however disparate the programs might be). However, because our technology is flexible and applicable in multiple formats, it is hard to issue a definitive set of best practices to our clients as the success of each community is highly dependent on community goals, processes, etc.

However, IdeaScale was able to compile a set of commonly-asked questions that are posed within the innovation industry and are offering a webinar at the end of January that aims to answer some of these questions. And to offer our listeners the full range of expertise, we’re inviting Chip Gliedman of Forrester Research to answer such questions at a high-level and the innovation team from Yale University to speak about how they answer such questions in practice within their own IdeaScale community.

Some of the questions that our guests will answer, include

– Is innovation best when wide open and boundless or is it more effective when it is targeted?
– Who are the key players in an innovation program?
– What is the lifecycle of an idea?
– What is a good rate of implementation?
– And many more

However, we want to offer you the opportunity to think of a few more questions to ask. Please submit all new questions before the end of the year so that we can see if it’s possible to answer them within the scope of the webinar.

And if you haven’t already, register today.

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