Introducing the CEO of the Internet

webcomic_ceo_awesomeCrowdsourcing, collective intelligence, and group wisdom – these are the things that we look to to govern democracy, but they are also the values that govern the internet. It is the charting of mass movement, a temperature-taking of sentiment and at a very basic level it’s how we decide where to eat, how to look for work, and what decisions are right for our families and ourselves (or just how we get a look at some goofy cat photos that people never fail to supply).

It is, arguably, one of the most important inventions in human history and one of the reasons that it’s so powerful is because it’s shared. But let’s suppose for a moment that it wasn’t. Let’s suppose that there was one blowhard, insufferable, self-important shmuck that was in charge of the whole thing. Can you imagine some of the dross we would be forced to endure?

IdeaScale has imagined that alternative reality and we’d like to introduce you to the CEO of the Internet; the man who is now in charge of all your product reviews, all matching profile data, all customer information – anything that you used to go to the internet for – now you can go to Dirk Netscape. Take a tour of his day-to-day here:

If you have any additional questions about the CEO of the Internet (maybe you want to get an opportunity to interview, find out where he’ll be popping up next), let us know.

What is your favorite crowdsourced information? What would you invite Dirk Netscape to do for you in place of the crowd?

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