There is a ‘dirty secret’ in this whole area of end-to-end innovation/idea management: ideas do NOT become projects. There is a lot of morphing that takes place, even of the best ideas (most ideas are really idea ‘fragments’), so that in practice the top ideas are basically edited, repackaged and resubmitted into different systems. And while we are on the topic of dirty secrets… if you come from the world of product development, not all the best ideas and innovations revolve around ‘products’. Many involve strategy, packaging, pricing, channel strategy and other aspects — none of which are usually covered in a typical PLM (product lifecycle management) or stage-gate product development system. So that means that many of the top concepts — the ones that in the end make the money — are basically unmanaged. IdeaScale can play a great role in creating an innovation idea management pipeline for any sized organization on any sort of stage.