collaboration softwareWhat is collaboration software?

Collaboration software is technology that allows networks of all kinds to connect and work together on great ideas. Communities need to do more than just generate ideas, they need to collaborate to build on, refine, and bring ideas to life.  To do that in the business world requires software that takes a rich amount of information and organizes it into a format that makes sense for implementation.

What is IdeaScale’s collaboration software?

IdeaScale is collaboration software that allows individual members to exponentially improve the power of their ideas by opening up the dialogue to an entire community. This dialogue can address numerous types of community interests: maybe it’s about new product features, maybe it’s about new lines of business, maybe it’s new processes that can serve both employees and customers, maybe it’s a way to make the world a better place by using that collaboration software.

No matter what that software is being used for, it is important that it have several touchpoints for crowd engagement and collaboration. IdeaScale has all of these features and more. Some of those features include idea commenting, comment voting, idea voting, pinned comments, team building, custom fields, and more.

In addition to these collaborative features, IdeaScale also offers something extra for administrators who use this data to make real change. On the IdeaScale back-end, administrators can route ideas to subject matter experts, request specific data to help build great ideas into great business pitches, and decision matrix software which allows business leaders to select the best business ideas and assign real business value to them.

All in all, the crowd should be invited to contribute throughout the process and that’s the value proposition that IdeaScale built our stages platform on – that the crowd can collaborate at every stage of the innovation lifecycle so that true innovation is possible.