change management softwareWhat is change management software?

Change management software is a technology solution that empowers any organization to find the best ideas and then make those ideas into business realities. Change management can be the stewardship of small or large changes, but change management software supports the entire process.

What is IdeaScale change management software?

IdeaScale is a cloud-based platform that allows users to gather great ideas, identify the best ones, evaluate the most promising ideas for business relevance and transform those ideas into a new product, process, market, and more.

The best change management software solutions will allow any administrator to complete each of these tasks from within the tool itself and IdeaScale offers the highest level of accessibility and security so that the barriers to participation are low, but the protection of intellectual property is high.

These kind of platforms have led to solutions for long-standing problems. Universities use it to stay in touch with their students and educators. Governments use it to ask for great ideas from their citizens and employees. Businesses use it to find new ideas to improve their product or business by asking for ideas from their employees or customers. These organizations ask for help from their entire network as they gather and build great ideas and the platform becomes a tool for managing these new ideas, but also for communicating with their network as those ideas evolve into new valuable offerings.

The features that are included in the IdeaScale tool cover a range of specialties, including crowdsourcing, project management, and decision matrix functionalities. No other innovation management platform that works in the change management space has the comprehensive end-to-end functionality that IdeaScale has built that allows for collaboration and privacy at every stage. IdeaScale also works to match every organization’s unique innovation by customizing the solution, its look and feel, and workflow to the process that best works for an existing innovation department.