What is innovation?

Innovation is the introduction of significant, positive change and it can impact a number of different aspects of an organization. It can help the enterprise improve existing or offer new products that generate new revenue streams. It can help organizations develop new processes that help businesses save money. It can help optimize efficiencies by changing an organization or it can change the world by creating new markets or ideas that help us to fundamentally evolve. It can be large or small, but it is also the best hope we have to solve some of the most pressing problems facing us today.

How does IdeaScale serve innovation?

IdeaScale serves clients in both the public and the private sector. The software helps gather ideas from employees or customers (and others). Those ideas then become products or programs or best practices that change the face of business, government, and even the world. For example, the White House introduced the SAVE Award which asks federal employees for cost-savings ideas and then includes those in the new budget. That program saved the government (and tax payers) millions of dollars every year. Another global initiative was the Making All Voices Count challenge that asked citizens from around the world to come up with ideas that could help close the gap between governments and their citizens. The programs that were selected as winners from that global competition are improving the delivery of government services, reducing maternal mortality, and rewarding citizens for participation.

These are just a few programs that used innovation management software to gather great ideas, identify the best ones, and start putting them into action. When any team at a public or private organization institutes an innovation program, they not only stand to improve their products and processes, they could potentially also improve the world. That’s part of IdeaScale’s hope.

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