5 Innovation Engagement Best Practices

Innovation Engagement Best PracticesMore and more companies are inviting their employees to participate in company-wide ideation. Companies that do this contribute to overall innovation program health by ensuring a healthy top of the funnel stocked with ideas and allies.

But with this opportunity comes new challenges.  Not every innovation program has developed the communications skill set necessary to engage a global workforce or customer base in sharing ideas, developing ideas, and collaborating. And if you’re not investing in communications, then you’re not maximizing the value of your crowdsourced innovation community. You need people to see the value of participation, you need to show that you’re listening, you need to keep the dialogue alive. That’s when you see the real return on investment. That’s why we get a lot of questions about how to run a successful innovation engagement campaign.

So here are just a few innovation engagement best practices from the Innovation Strategy team here at IdeaScale:

  1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – Be sure your message is relevant to the values and priorities of your audience
  2. GET TO THE POINT – Point the ask or most important information first. Explanation and details can follow.
  3. BE TRANSPARENT – Tell them what the need to know: Who’s asking? What will you do with my ideas? What’s expected of me? What’s in it for me?
  4. KEEP IT SHORT- People have a short attention span. So rather than packing all the information into one email, break it up in to a series of smaller messages that you distribute throughout your communication campaign. If you a one-stop-shop for all information, the best place for that is likely a ‘custom page’ on your IdeaScale community rather than an email.
  5. DIVERSIFY YOUR MESSAGE – When you make things short, you can change up the message. By using different kinds of hooks you can capture a wider audience.

Learn more about how to run a successful innovation engagement campaign. Download IdeaScale’s set of outreach best practices, which includes examples from successful innovation engagement email campaigns. 


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