Do you Know the 10 Aspects that Influence Innovation?

innovation competencyIn today’s extraordinarily fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to be as competitive as possible. It is much easier to be competitive by preparing your employees and the corporate culture in general for the unique challenges and benefits of innovation, and pursing with vigor potential areas for growth every day.

This 10-question survey tests an organization’s innovation competency against 10 qualities. These 10 aspects tend to fall into two big categories: organizational culture and ease of participation.

Organizational culture is essential to creating an environment for successful innovation initiatives. After all, if you haven’t set the stage organizationally, how can you expect your employees to feel supported and interested in participating? Some of the aspects that influence innovation that fall into this category are whether the leadership inspires the employees, and whether cross-boundary collaboration is encouraged and new ideas are adopted quickly.

As we’ve found with Innovation Management Award winners, by making things as easy as possible for your innovators, you are increasing the likelihood that they will actually BE your innovators. Some of the aspects that influence innovation that fall into this category are whether employees have a platform for sharing ideas and receiving feedback, and whether those employees feel supported (both by the leadership and with funding) to try new ideas.

At the end of the survey, after you have entered your responses, you will be provided with areas in which your organization is doing well. You will also be provided with expanded information on areas for improvement. Perhaps your organization could be better about making it easy for employees to participate in innovation. Perhaps you could be better at distributing pertinent market information company-wide so that employees are well aware of the industry happenings. Or perhaps you can include innovation benchmark goals as part of the metrics for management reviews.

You can take the aforementioned introductory 10-question survey, of course. However, this is just the beginning step that you can take on the road to setting yourself up for success. Click here to find out more about evaluating company-wide innovation fitness, to ensure your organization is in the best shape to make real progress.

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