Innovation Challenge

What is an innovation challenge?

Nowadays it is possible to reach the entire digital world and solicit their help in solving longstanding problems. Any organization can simply set a question and judging criteria and ask the entire world for their help. Once these innovators and thinkers have shared their ideas, judges assess a shortlist of promising entrants and select the best ideas as winners. Sometimes those winners are offered money for their idea and other times, we find that the challenge administrators will offer a creative reward for their achievement in the innovation challenge. Either way, once the challenge is over, the best ideas are made into a reality until the next challenge comes along and the process begins again.

How can you run an innovation challenge using IdeaScale?

IdeaScale is an interactive tool that helps keep users engaged in the innovation process by offering clients the ability to launch innovation challenges. These challenge-based initiatives are time-limited campaigns that direct conversation and reward users for their contributions. Challenges are still one of the key ways to keep users interested and to generate true innovation within a company. But in additional to the portion of the process that is dedicated to the collection of good ideas, an innovation challenge that is run on IdeaScale can also benefit from other features that help to filter those ideas, further refine them, and also assess them for their value. The judges often benefit from IdeaScale software as much as the entrants do, because they can not only identify the best ideas, they can also justify and explain their choices using the quantitative data that was gathered and amassed in the IdeaScale process.

Finally, with IdeaScale’s focus on user engagement and ease-of-use, challenge participants will benefit from the user experience focus that drives the developers at IdeaScale.

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Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.


ReviewScale is a customizable decision matrix that allows administrators and moderators to identify the most valuable ideas in line with company objectives.

Custom Content

All language, imagery, and architecture within an IdeaScale community is customizable. Admin teams can choose to edit themselves or with IdeaScale’s UX team.

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