IdeaScale Feature: Innovation at RedFynn Technologies

yay-10420582-digital-1IdeaScale is always looking for examples of how other companies are maintaining their innovative edge. In this blog post, IdeaScale interviews Shane Hurley, CEO of RedFynn Technologies about their culture of innovation. 

IdeaScale: How do you create a culture of innovation at RedFynn Technologies?

Shane Hurley: We believe that having a culture of innovation starts with the company’s core values and purpose. You have to create an environment where innovation is encouraged and empower your team to constantly be looking for ways to improve and innovate. For example,”We are open-minded” and  “We invest in improvement” are two of our core values here at RedFynn that help create a safe environment where the team feels empowered to be innovative every day.

IS: How do you empower employees to share their ideas in order to drive innovation?

SH: To build on the above, it starts with culture and then from there you need to schedule regular meetings that allow the team to disconnect from the day-to-day stuff so that they can be in a creative state of mind. For example, we always do our quarterly planning offsite. This removes all of the normal distractions and allows the team to really focus on and brainstorm together. When employees are able to escape the monotony of daily operations, they feel more free to explore creative approaches. That’s why leaving the office (together) is so important. It adds a new dimension to the brainstorming process, which in turn brings new ideas to the table.

IS: Is innovation related to employee engagement?

SH: We believe that everyone has their own inner genius. We do not hire anyone who is not a value fit with our company’s core values. All of our team members share our core values, our mission, and our passion for our company’s purpose and since we do not hire unless there is a perfect value fit, engagement comes naturally. So, to answer the question, we believe that core values and purpose engage your team, so long as your team believes in those values on a personal and professional level. Naturally, an engaged team will feel passionate about making the company the best they can and will be constantly innovating every single day. Essentially, natural employee engagement drives innovation.

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