Ideation Software

What is Ideation?

Ideation is the process of generating and collecting ideas. These ideas can often be uploaded and shared through a cloud-based system where the ideas are further developed by community collaborators who also help to co-author ideas in this way.

What is Ideation Software?

Ideation software is technology that supports company ideation or brainstorming and is one of the key tools that support company growth and innovation. Ideation software will support innovation far beyond the initial ideation phase, however. The technology should be able to support both idea development, filtering, refinement, evaluation, and eventual implementation and tracking. In this way the entire idea process happens in a manageable, data-driven, trackable interface.

What is IdeaScale?

IdeaScale’s ideation software enables company to source thoughts, opinions, and ideas while others comment and vote on those ideas so that they can develop and best serve the community. With just a few clicks of the mouse, IdeaScale software can be up and running and automating your ideation process. But once the ideation process is over, IdeaScale will also support the other aspects of the innovation lifecycle with various other features including crowd voting, workflow automation, idea routing, team building, idea refinement, idea collaboration, ReviewScale, pairwise comparison and much, much more. Information about the idea’s status can be public or private throughout the process and the more progress an innovation program displays as it takes great ideas and brings them to life, the more they will improve overall sentiment for their brand or within their company – since successful employee engagement programs are often charged with improving employee morale and customer engagement programs are often said to impact customer satisfaction.

IdeaScale’s solution is fully customizable and designed for overall ease-of-use for both users and system administrators. It is possible to launch your own ideation solution with just a few clicks by signing up today!

Email & Notification Tools

Email and announcements are powerful engagement tools and all notification preferences can be set by community admins at the outset of a campaign.


Incentivize your community by distributing points and badges based on the participation of members.

Idea Merge

During idea submission, the idea form uses predictive word search to consolidate similar ideas. Administrators can also merge like-ideas.

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