IdeaScale’s Top 10 2013 Features

IdeaScale has had a busy and productive 2013 and we couldn’t be more excited about all that’s to come in 2014, but even as we charge forward into the future, it’s nice to take a look back and see all that we’ve accomplished. 6623488319_73b096724d_o

To that end, we’ve chatted amongst ourselves and we’ve narrowed the massive list of 2013 new feature highlights down to our favorite top 10 that have been introduced in the past year. And we’re also glad to tell you why.

1. Idea Ownership. IdeaScale has always wanted to empower change and innovation at every level of an organization: from full-scale enterprises down to the individual. Adding idea ownership gives workflow managers the ability to assign stewardship of an idea to a particular owner or champion. One of our Open Innovation Award winners uses this very feature as part of their winning moderation strategy.
2. Pre-Defined Tags. Since we’ve introduced this new feature, we’ve had several community administrators say that it truly helps them to organize the conversation. Loading up pre-defined tags helps people hone their idea generation.
3. Campaign Custom Fields. This particular feature has helped departments specify what sort of information is required in a submission – whether it’s a cost-savings estimate or a link to a YouTube video – that information can now be requested on a per-campaign basis.
4. Idea Recommendation. This is the type of feature that keeps members coming back for more. Now every idea page also shows similar ideas for members to vote and comment on.
5. Team-Based Idea Submission. In a tool that’s all about collaboration, we think this feature particularly suits our values. Everyone should be able to collaborate and be recognized for their work in generating and then stewarding an idea. IdeaScale now allows you to build teams around inspiration.
6. Pairwise Comparison. Now we’re getting into some of the features that have really built out the IdeaScale tool when it comes to moving ideas further down the innovation funnel. Having this additional tool to evaluate ideas allows the next phase of implementation to be informed with even more data.
7. Custom Workflow. For many of our subscribers, time on IdeaScale is in addition to time in their daily work life – so anything that makes moderation and evaluation easier is highly valuable. That’s why we built custom workflows. And now, once an idea reaches an assigned comment or vote threshold, it is automatically routed to the next person, stage, or phase in a plan.
8. Innovation Widget. This feature is the tiny package that packs a big punch. The whole IdeaScale experience in a tiny web-embeddable widget means that feedback and innovation can begin anywhere and everywhere. And we are all about casting the net wide.
9. Assessment Tool. Our assessment tool is one of the most flexible, review-oriented tools that we have. No matter what the goal is (cost-savings, efficiency, product development, and more), this feature helps our clients organize and prioritize what is next for some of their best ideas.
10. Enhanced Challenge Offering. Perhaps most exciting is our new challenge format that allows companies to set a competition for their subscribers, employees, or the general public, and then evaluate responses in an open or closed setting and award money or other prizes. Some of our favorites? The Department of Energy’s American Energy Data Challenge or Ushahidi’s Making All Voices Count. What challenge will you launch next?

Of course, this is all in addition to numerous other changes and improvements, including enhanced badges, new data visualization tools, and so much more. If you want to learn more about these (or any other IdeaScale features), be sure to contact us.

Stay tuned for more in 2014!

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