IdeaScale Visits Australia

Australia TourIdeaScale has worked with partners in Australia from the beginning: in government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations and we’re excited to say that we’re growing our presence in this exciting international market. Here’s why we’re excited about Australia:

Resources are Growing. The VC funding market is growing – “the venture capital scene in Australia grew by 12% over the past year to its highest point ever.” And it’s a strong economy (13th largest in the world) so businesses in Australia have some promising resources to test and grow new ideas.

Smart People are Mobile and Global. Australia (like most places in the world) is worried about attracting and retaining talent and the risk of “brain drain.” That’s one of the reasons why crowdsourcing software is so powerful, because it helps insulate companies against this risk as they can communicate and collaborate on great new ideas with people all around the world. And, as immigration laws in the UK and US are becoming more stringent, Australia has a real opportunity to benefit by attracting new talent from everywhere.

Government Attention to Innovation. The Australian government wants to support entrepreneurs by offering incentives and programs, including the Australian R&D tax incentive, the Incubator Support Initiative and others. Some of this has resulted in emerging Australian start-up hubs Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

All of these signal a country that is on the rise and ready to invest in positive change, which is why we’re establishing a presence in Australia. Some of our company leaders will be on site to meet with customers, partners, and collaborators in February and March. And we’re hosting three Open Nation workshop events and speaking at the Brisbane Intrapreneurs Summit (message us for a discount code for registration). We hope you can catch us on tour. Here’s where you’ll find us.


February 6 – 13

Open Nation | Melbourne: February 14th


February 18th – 27th

Open Nation | Perth: February 28th


March 4th – 8th

Australian Intrapreneurship Summit: March 14th


March 11th – 15th


March 18th – 25th

Open Nation: Sydney: March 26th

If you’re interested in meeting up with us, please message me at [email protected] to set up a meeting. We’d love to hear what you’re prioritizing for innovation in 2019 and how innovation in Australia is different from other places in the world.

Want to help us transform other innovative organizations in Australia? Join our team!

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