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Facebook, the social networking monolith of our times is always updating their stats, but I recently ran across an interesting infographic from Infographic Labs that showcases some surprising highlights, including:

-That Zynga accounted for 12% of Facebook’s total revenue last year.
-That more than 250 million photos are uploaded on a daily basis.
-And that everyday there are 2.7 billion likes across Facebook.

And now IdeaScale would like to invite you to like one more. When you like us, you can get more information about interesting projects that we’re watching or supporting, you can find out about upcoming webinars, and learn more about IdeaScale offerings.

But we’re also looking to hear from you – what you want to see from IdeaScale, ideas you might have, requests for more information and great crowdsourcing and network intelligence stories that you find interesting. So please join the conversation and let’s stay connected.

And, of course, please be sure to check out the IdeaScale facebook application.

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