How to Succeed in Crowdsourcing: Know Your Crowd

trymyuiCrowdsourcing has led to success in every field imaginable. Crowdfunding through sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe allows entrepreneurs to raise the capital required for new ventures. Crowdsourcing can yield disruptive innovations or cost saving improvements to organizations and businesses of all sizes, it can be utilized to reach out to groups of citizens or customers. However, with great customizability comes the need for true optimization. You’ll need to do some strategizing before your campaign goes live.

Step 1: Find your crowd
Are you looking to your employees for ideas? Will you be crowdsourcing the public for their input? Knowing if your campaign will be internal – drawing from employees and experts within your organization, or external – reaching out to an unknown audience, will affect how your structure your site.

Step 2: Determine your data
Users can discuss, create and promote ideas but you’ll want to determine which data is relevant to your aims before you build your community.  Just like a surgeon wouldn’t take a chainsaw into an operating room, you’ll need to select the proper tools.

Step 3: Create your community
Creating an engaging campaign that inspires participation and customizing a community that makes that participation easy for your crowd are equally crucial to building the ideal community. Remember, you and your team have all the insight here – but the crowd that will be going to your innovation site and investing their time are new to it.

Step 4: Optimize for users
Ease of use will determine the amount of time and effort your participants will spend contributing. Time that could be spent voting or ideating, could easily be lost to confusing navigation. Find the rough spots by bringing new eyes in as you develop UI. Crowdsourced UI usability tester TryMyUI allows you to remotely see what your users see. Assign tasks, and observe the audio and video of sample users as they navigate through your UI. By testing out the UX pre-launch you can meta-innovate with TryMyUI users guidance, and restructure until you’ve created the best setup for your innovators.

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