How Can Crowdsourcing Help the Caribbean to Transform by 2040?

How Can Crowdsourcing HelpDid you know that Alexander Hamilton, the First Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America was from the Caribbean island of Nevis? Yes, he was! As a member of the Caribbean diaspora, I find this fact to be rather intriguing! Another notable political figure born to Jamaican immigrants is former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Commander of the U.S Army Forces Command, National Security Advisor, and Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.

June is Caribbean American Heritage Month. The month was officially formed and launched by Dr. Claire Nelson, the founder of the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) located in Washington, D.C.  The resolution was officially signed by President George W. Bush on June 5, 2006.  Throughout the month there will be several events planned to celebrate the occasion. You can find a list of events on their website

June is also the start of Hurricane Season. 

The devastating hurricanes in 2017, the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 and other natural disasters have affected the Caribbean economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism. Thousand suffered loss of jobs and many are still rebuilding to this day.

As the hurricane season is once again upon us, my thoughts shift to sustainability. What transformational ideas can the citizens of the Caribbean explore to shift the heavy dependency on the tourism industry? How can we become Smart Caribbean Nations?

The Inter-American Development Bank/Caribbean DevTrends created a video titled, “Jump Caribbean! Our Caribbean in 2040” to imagine what Caribbean nations could look like in the year 2040. Tourism, climate change, youth, regulatory policy, entrepreneurship, transportation, natural disasters, and technology play a major role in shaping the region. In the video, several Caribbean Prime Ministers from Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana and Barbados, share their thoughts on economic diversification, new mindsets, climate change, transformational thinking, superstorms, economic growth, job creations and transformational implementation.

It will take ideas, an effort from Caribbean and non-Caribbean citizens alike to get us to the vision in the “Jump Caribbean” video in 2040. With that said, I think it would be great to crowdsource our ideas. Please take a moment to share your ideas with this challenge question:

“How can Caribbean nations take a step forward to become more innovative and improve economic stability despite hurricanes and other natural disasters?”

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