Government Innovation

What is government innovation?

Government innovation is identifying the next new, significant positive change that can transform the services, processes, and possibilities for any government organization. Sometimes these changes take place at the local level and help build better communities, sometimes they happen at the Federal level and change nationwide policies or programs based on employee or citizen input. Sometimes these challenges take place at the global level and take the form of sweeping change that helps to make the world a better place.

How does IdeaScale make government innovation possible?

IdeaScale has created a comprehensive innovation package at an attractive price that supports government innovation at every stage. The platform can be supplemented with strategic services that help departments build an innovation program that is both valuable and sustainable.

In the idea gathering stage, IdeaScale administrators invite citizens or employees to share ideas in an IdeaScale community. Those ideas are improved as they receive commentary and votes from other community members who build on the original thought.

In the idea identification stage, IdeaScale team members can select promising ideas based on the votes, comments, and associated data. Communities then form around single ideas as team members emerge who want to further investigate those ideas and potentially make them a reality.

In the idea evaluation stage, those who have the power to make change happen evaluate the best ideas in order to understand what value they present and what the potential costs would be to bring them to fruition.

If an idea makes it through the entire government innovation process, it has proven value and metrics to share with leadership and the public that can help justify important, game-changing ideas.

If the government can truly reach out to and inspire huge communities of advocates, then it’s possible that they will also solve some of the most pressing problems that face all governments today.

Group Based Moderation

Administrators can assign capability or responsibility-based roles to specific community members and content with matching data will automatically be routed to those members.


Single Sign-On, SSL/TLS Securtiy, private campaigns, communities, and server security for high-security customers.

Targeted Polling

Administrators can easily create a poll that presents to every member at login in order to gather valuable, question-specific data.

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