Global Crowdfunding Day

Global Crowdfunding Day
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Believe it or not, this Saturday April 5th is the 2nd annual Global Crowdfunding Day. The event was created in April 2013 to mark the one year anniversary of the JOBS act being signed into law. The bill received solid, bi-partisan support. Building on the growing popularity of crowdfunding to get small businesses up and running, the bill shapes the legalities of acquiring capital to open up financial opportunities for small, and new business ventures.

Crowdfunding allows new, innovative ideas to be actualized- even when the creators do not come to the table with the startup capitol required. Opening the playing field to more ideas increases competition, and pushes the innovative conversation further, faster. As these campaigns get their funding and turn into businesses, new jobs are created.

Keeping crowdfunding thriving is a cause we can all get into. If you have an idea you want to bring to life, it might be time to look to crowdfunding to get to the next step. The campaign itself will introduce you to a broad audience pre-launch, allowing you to build a brand as you build your product. Look into crowdfunding events near you, and learn from the best.

But you don’t need to be a crowdfunder to participate. Now that you’re a convert, spread the word on crowdfunding- it’s effectiveness improves with exposure. It’s a growing thing, the more people are exposed to crowdfunding, the more success campaigns will see, and as more campaigns see success, they’ll gain more exposure, inspiring more innovators to take action.

You can always support crowdfunding directly, too. Take a look around, and you’re sure to find a project that interests you. Supporting a cause is fulfilling, and most campaigns offer incentives to donators. You can be the first to get new cool products, and will be kept up on it’s progress through design and production phases.

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