Giving Your Business a TV Show? Now That’s Quirky

We’ve talked about Quirky in other posts. They’re one of the most forward-thinking product-launching companies out there. Quirky launches two new consumer products to market each week. Those products are suggested and voted on by the crowd and product revenues are shared with those who helped contribute to the product’s success. Some of my favorite products have been the Mocubo and the Keiro (but I’m sucker for kitchenwares).

However, Quirky is doing something else that is exceptional. Quirky now has its own TV show on the Sundance channel. Every Monday at 10 pm the show tracks the new inventions and counts down to the first prototype of the product soon to be put before the consumer.

What’s so wonderful for Quirky is that the company can engage even more inventors and collaborators this way. The Sundance show site shows numerous comments from viewers who are now contributors hoping not only to have their product created, but also to be featured on the show.

Some critics have criticized the show for lacking drama, but I think in the age of American Idols, and X Factor where in theory anyone can watch the story of someone getting their big break, a show like Quirky makes sense. There are many hidden talents out there and it’s empowering to watch potential inventors finally get in sight of the resources that they need to realize their visions.

What do you think of a company like Quirky launching its own TV show? What do you think about episodic crowdsourcing experiments?

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