Find Your Innovation Fitness Score [QUIZ]

Innovation fitness surveySeveral months ago, we first invited you to get your innovation fitness score by answering 10 simple survey questions; questions about your organization and its support for innovation (or lack thereof).

Now, having a glance through the first batch of results, we are able to see some interesting trends, trends which are consistent across industry and company size. Survey takers ranged from education, to the professional services and consulting industries, to tech and manufacturing. They also came from all sizes of organizations.

Respondents are asked to answer 10 questions about their organization, rating their answers to each question on a scale from 1 (Low) to 5 (High). Overall, the 1s, 2s, and 3s make up over 70% of responses, with 2s and 3s alone making up over 50%. Although this is better than nothing, it’s clear that respondents feel there are definite areas for growth when it comes to feeling engaged and supported in the innovation process. For example, when asked if employees are actively engaged in generating new ways to improve the company, nearly 24% of survey takers responded with a 1, and an additional 30% responded with a 2. Only just over 6% of respondents felt like their company was a 5 on the scale.

In fact, the question with the highest percentage for any one number on the scale, was in response to the question, “Does your corporate culture promote cross-boundary collaboration and the quick adoption of new ideas?” Almost 33% of respondents selected a “2” for their company in response. A large part of staying fit in today’s fast paced global economy is scalability, and especially the ability to adopt new ideas quickly.

The responses to questions about general practices of innovation, including tracking innovation metrics and the workforce being trained in the company’s innovation principles, were by far the most positive of the bunch. It’s when things get a bit more detailed and system-wide that lack of support is really noted.

On the bright side, the average time to complete the survey is one minute. Surely you can spare one minute to help improve your fitness level! And the quiz ends with practical suggestions for improvement. To find out your organization’s innovation fitness score, and to procure some concrete recommendations for increasing your innovation potential, click here to take the quiz.

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