Feedback Tab

A feedback tab is a small button located somewhere on a webpage or digital environment that allows users to submit feedback right away, right from their point of experience. Creating a forum for feedback that users can easily reach is one of the best ways to optimize a website for improved engagement. IdeaScale communities also come with widgets that can be placed anywhere within a digital landscape that automatically synch with the online hosted IdeaScale environment so that good ideas can be gathered anywhere, from anyone, at anytime.

Campaign Management

You have this innovative community and important campaigns that you need to implement, but you’d prefer an experienced Innovation Strategist to take the wheel to ensure the people, platform and process are all perfectly organized.

An Innovation Strategist will co-manage your campaign after its launch. We are the extra set of eyes and hands when moderating and engaging your community.

Email & Notification Tools

Email and announcements are powerful engagement tools and all notification preferences can be set by community admins at the outset of a campaign.

IdeaScale Stages

Stages organize the innovation lifecycle into discrete phases with specific activities, which are customizable and empower any organization to achieve their goals.

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