Federal Mobility and the National Dialogue

As we talked about in January, for two weeks, the Federal Mobility Task Force worked with IdeaScale to tap into their most important network: the people that they serve. The subject? Ways to improve how the government implements mobile technologies. It was CIO, Steven VanRoaekel who opened the dialogue to the public after the Task Force had begun its own discussion and wanted input from the crowd.

Some of the most popular ideas include making web-to-mobile content more portable, accessible government mobile applications (specifically geared towards the elderly and disabled), and a more responsive web design (among other suggestions). In response, members of the Federal Mobility Task Force submitted tactical ideas that would support one of six core objectives identified by the National Dialogue. These choices were confirmed and voted on by the public.

In less than two weeks, the National Dialogue site was visited more than 6,000 times! 134 ideas were posted, resulting in more than 1,200 votes. And the people who were engaged on the site were often repeat visitors. According to the reported statistics, 40% of visitors returned to the site at least once.

But what was most gratifying for the IdeaScale team, was the reported observations from the Task Force about the crowdsourcing experiment. They stated that they were very impressed with the high quality of the ideas submitted that reflected a lot of thought and particularly grateful to users who submitted valuable online resources (among many other observations)

Online crowdsourcing is perhaps one of the most obvious tools supporting a democratic mentality. That law-makers and policy-makers can now look to the people they are serving for answers, suggestions, and feedback with such ease, is one of the things that makes us the most jazzed over here at IdeaScale. For more information on the National Dialogue on the Federal Mobile Strategy, visit the summary here.

What are the challenges now facing federal mobile strategies? What are some of your favorite ideas?

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