Enterprise Crowdsourcing

What is enterprise crowdsourcing?

According to crowdsourcing.org, crowdsourcing is “sometimes otherwise referred to as Mass Collaboration, Open Innovation, Community Production, Mass Solutions, Constituent Driven Innovation, Connected Intelligence, Collective Wisdom, Intelligent networks and Human Networks. Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to a large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open invite (call). Crowdsourcing is typically enabled through online communities consisting of members with common skills or interests and is applied as a model that enables individuals and groups to innovate, create, produce, report, predict, collaborate, fund and to engage customers.” When crowdsourcing is used for the enterprise to solve large-scale organizational problems, this is what we refer to as enterprise crowdsourcing.

What is enterprise crowdsourcing from IdeaScale?

IdeaScale is one of the enterprise crowdsourcing online communities that crowdsourcing.org was referring to. With IdeaScale, organizations of all sizes can source ideas that help to transform any department, business, organization, and more. These communities are used to source ideas for a number of different initiatives. Sometimes those are cost-savings initiatives, sometimes these communities are used for product development, sometimes those ideas are used to identify new markets or trending innovations that will define the future of a business.

In every case, IdeaScale not only empowers organizations to collect ideas, they are also empowered to build teams around those ideas, refine those ideas into business proposals, and then evaluate those proposals against business-specific criteria. When these ideas reach the decision matrix part of the process, subject matter experts can evaluate ideas potential business values, as well as possible costs and constraints so that they can assign an ROI value. IdeaScale also prioritizes the list of suggestions based on that ROI score so that it is possible for businesses to build a portfolio of innovations that serve their future.

Assessment Tool

With the assessment tool, not only can community members vote ideas and comments up and down, but they can also evaluate that content across a number of different criteria

Custom CSS

Teams can customize an IdeaScale community to match the look and feel of websites or organizational branding.


Incentivize your community by distributing points and badges based on the participation of members.

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