Engaging Millennial Employees

millennials 2Millennials currently comprise 23% of the U.S. workforce with a bulk of millennials joining in the near future. Even more notable, millennials only make up 7% of federal government employees. What’s preventing more millennials to join the federal workforce? A crucial piece of that puzzle that the government is lacking is employee engagement. As organizations try to retain their best employees, employee engagement strategies are imperative to improve. Millennials have grown up in a more collaborative, digital world than previous generations which affects how they are engaged at work.

Millennials grew up in a very connected world. This, in turn, has shaped their collaborative nature when it comes to work. In order to stay engaged in their work, millennials look for ways to collaborate with their colleagues to come up with the best solutions to problems. The diversity amongst millennials contributes to their willingness to work together and see problems from multiple perspectives. This is turn has shaped their collaborative nature when it comes to work

As digital natives, millennials expect technology to be an integral tool in how they’re engaged at work. New online tools have allowed employees to do their work more efficiently and effectively. Online team communication tools have decreased email clutter and increased efficiency. Digital platforms that foster open channels of communication have also been imperative for successful team collaboration. Additionally, these platforms serve as an easy-to-use employee feedback channel. Managers should be constantly receiving employee feedback and providing timely responses. New technology has also provided ways for millennials to work on professional development, whether by completing online training courses, or networking online.

In a recent Deloitte study, it was found that innovation and creativity are two important factors millennials look at when applying for jobs. Given that, it’s concerning that only 26 percent think their organization currently encourages innovative thinking at all levels. An organization must work towards a culture of innovation to engage and retain millennials. Managers should be encouraging independent thought and reward creativity; projects gone awry should be seen as a learning process, not as a failure. Digital tools and collaboration work hand-in-hand with instilling innovation into an organization.

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