Employee Feedback Software

Employee Feedback Software


Employee crowdsourcing can be a daunting task. In a race to bring your business up to speed, it’s possible to bite off more than you can chew at one time. At IdeaScale, employee crowdsourcing can be a digestible effort by using our employee feedback software to collect, manage, analyze and implement new ideas from your team.

In the same way that customer feedback software can give you a glimpse at what trends are bubbling up to the top of the list, employee feedback software delivers the same ease of use.


IdeaScale’s popular infographics allow your company to see view real-time data in image form so that you can visualize the types of feedback you are receiving. Whether your employee feedback relates to customer relations, infrastructure, innovation, or problem solving, this software provides a tool that does not require a statistician.


Employee feedback software is most valuable when it can keep up with today’s technology. The cloud-hosted software at IdeaScale is optimized for mobile phones and the web. Mobile optimization is not something to take for granted. This feature will allow you to access your data 24 hours across multiple touch points. It’s research on the go!

100% Employee Participation

In 2012, BAYADA Home Health Care teamed up with IdeaScale to launch a pilot program to collect and identify ideas from 300 employees. The employee feedback software captured “more than 110 ideas, 730 comments, and 2000 votes.” CEO Linda Siessel also reported “100% participation without the use of an incentive program.” This data shows how eager employees are to engage in the company dialog and be a part of the big (and little) picture conversation. By allowing employees to have a voice as well as access to a transparent voting system, the incentive for participation is built-in.

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