Employee Feedback

What is employee feedback?

Employee feedback is the greatest asset that any organization can tap into. Because employees function on the front lines of any business, they have a rare opportunity to marry the forecasted needs of a business with its current capabilities and practices. So whether you work in an office, a restaurant, a field office, you can collaborate and share your thoughts from anywhere and those thoughts will translate into new innovations for a company.

IdeaScale is innovation software that is constantly used as a source for employee feedback.

Why do I need employee feedback?

Businesses that focus on collecting employee feedback to solve their problems and generate solutions to longstanding problems have a rich asset when driving their organizational innovation. Businesses that tap into their workforce will be able to look for product development ideas, budget management ideas, process improvements, new planning initiatives, and much, much more. Without a means of digitally collecting this employee feedback, it will be very hard not only to collect that data, but also to manage it. IdeaScale allows organization of any size to connect and to steward this feedback into meaningful organizational change that will serve the future of the business.

Need to collect open or anonymous employee feedback? An online employee suggestion box is one of the most effective ways to elicit feedback from your staff. IdeaScale is a simple way to start: your employees can leave anonymous feedback or leave completely private suggestions that only management can see with our private campaigns option. All of the ideas, suggestions, comments, and votes are amassed online and visible only to the appropriate members so that those on the front lines are the ones that are giving you the best advice. These suggestions are often the information that a company needs to redefine its direction and flourish.

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