Employee Engagement & Satisfaction – Redefined

Hey – I wanted to send you a quick note on a webinar we are putting together to launch our latest employee engagement and satisfaction measurement tool – FlashLet. This is as much a of a new concept as it is a software offering – a ridiculously simple way to measure, track and react to how employees feel on a weekly basis.

We are calling this tool FlashLet. We are organizing a launch webinar tomorrow (Thursday) at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. We’ve been piloting this concept with a few companies here in Seattle as well as other startups in the Bay Area and San Diego. The response has been very positive so far and we’ll be sharing the high level results of our pilots so far.

I would love for you to join the webinar tomorrow : Link below:


BTW – Two cool things we are planning on doing :

a) We’ll be giving out a 10 free copies of “High Performance Management” – by Andy Grove (Intel Co-Founder) – I’ve been really fascinated by OKR’s and radical transparency concepts recently. I highly recommend that book…

b) After the webinar we will all jump into a live discussion / conversation where you can get feedback and talk to the CEO’s of 3 of the companies / partners we’ve piloted FlashLet with already. The CEO’s of IdeaScale, QuestionPro and of course SurveyAnalytics itself will be there to participate in the conversation!

Thanks and have a great evening…

-Vivek Bhaskaran

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