Education Innovation

What is education innovation?

Education innovation is the process by which educators at every level seek out the next significant, positive change that will shape the next generation of education.

How can IdeaScale be used for education innovation?

IdeaScale connects education institutions with the people who matter most: their educators, their students, their faculty, and more. This crowd of people become collaborators that help to propel educational institutions forward. This process has been carried out by institutions at every level.

For example, the Teach To Lead initiative was launched when Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that a new program was looking for ideas that would  “catalyze fundamental changes in the culture of schools and the culture of teaching so that teachers play a more central role in transforming teaching and learning, and in the development of policies that affect their work.” On the heels of the announcement, teachers from around the country were invited to start sharing their best ideas.

Another example of sourcing innovation that served an educational institution was when Columbia University began pulsing their student population for ideas about how to change their campus and their programs. The student government group launched an online community where students could share ideas and vote on the ideas of others and the best ideas became campus realities.

Sometimes educators are daunted by the process of sourcing the next great idea and part of the problem is recognizing the next great innovation when it arrives, which is why IdeaScale has built out a number of features that help campus administrators source and prioritize the best ideas. Not only are they armed with a wealth of public data to justify their changes, they can also identify the ideas with the best value that align to organizational goals.

Education innovation is perhaps the most critical in defining our future in spite of the fact that innovation is intrinsic to every industry. How are you investing in your future?


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