Digital Government

IdeaScale has been providing digital idea management for federal, state, and local government since the launch of the open government initiatives.With IdeaScale, organizations can reach out and gather ideas from employees or citizens and find ways to truly improve services and policy. This is in line with all digital government engagement. For more information about our Government solutions, contact Josh Folk at or 202-505-2227.


The innovation widget can to be added to any online experience (websites, intranet pages, ecommerce platforms, and more) so that members can participate in ideation from any digital environment.

Attachment Uploads

Users can submit file attachments as pitches directly to idea pages. These attachments render inline and can even expand to full-screen mode.

Pairwise Comparison

When two promising ideas share similar levels of support, the pair-wise tools gives an additional platform for A-B comparison within the community.

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