Deadline for the 2018 Innovation Management Awards Extended

Deadline ExtendedIdeaScale is offering innovators from around the world an extra week to complete their submission for the Innovation Management Awards. This is our fifth annual award series and we honor winners in three categories: best innovation engagement strategy, best innovation process, and best innovation.

Why did we pick the categories that we did? Well, every year we ask our customers what it is that they would most like to learn about in order to support their programs. Themes vary year to year (for example, this year a top theme was innovation metrics and program data), but a few categories seem to appear every year: engagement, process, and idea implementation. So these are the categories that we learn from and try to celebrate. Here are just a few of the benefits of succeeding in each one.

Engagement. IdeaScale offers crowdsourcing software, because the higher quantity and the greater diversity between linked ideas and concepts, the better an innovation program performs. However, to derive this benefit, organizations need to also be excellent at communications that invite people into their innovation communities to connect and collaborate. Every year we celebrate entrants who have demonstrated creativity and results in their engagement strategy.

Process. A repeatable innovation process is what makes an organization shift to an innovative culture. Without a process, organizations can sometimes be innovative and sometimes be an industry laggard. If there is a process for the collection, refinement, selection, and development of great ideas, then groups will be able to innovate over and over again across multiple horizons. It’s for this reason that we celebrate the process gurus among us.

Implementation. And finally, the true proof of an organization’s innovation capability is in delivering ideas and learning from them.  We ask our subscribers to tell us about products or processes that began as ideas, but turned into program realities. This helps our other customers see how they can deliver on ideas that could generate demonstrable returns for their company, as well.

The new deadline for submission is November 30th, 2018. Demonstrate how you think about these three categories by submitting your company as an entrant today!

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