As an customer success intern at IdeaScale, you will primarily be assisting the Head of Customer Success on various account team projects. These could include many aspects, from analyzing accounts to supporting the accounts team with research and campaign materials. So, be prepared to take on any projects that would add values to the account team and the business as a whole! You will have the responsibility to monitor the progress of your work and communicate it with your managers. At the same time, you will also receive personal training from the Head of Customer Success to ensure your success in this role.

The internship opportunity has a mix of both creative and analytical activities. With this internship, you would have the opportunity to influence our key business metric – churn – as well as inform our onboarding, product, and service strategies and deliverables. 

Example business priorities that drive the work goals of the internship:

  • Why do clients cancel and what investments can reduce client churn? Example Tasks: (1) set up systems to collect relevant data and (2) analyze and present the data and conclusions to drive business strategy.
  • What characteristics of onboarding drive client retention? Example Tasks: same as above
  • Engaging existing clients digitally. Example Tasks: Galvanize activity on LinkedIn Group and organize digital events to drive client engagement with one another and our brand. Nurture a “community of practice.”
  • How do clients measure ROI for their programs? Example Tasks: collect and analyze examples of reports generated by clients and report out on your own product and service recommendations to IdeaScale

Responsibilities, including but not limited to: 

  • Research new solutions and tools on how to integrate software
  • Research and gather information for the Head of Customer Success and the account teams’ daily operations  
  • Analyze business data with Salesforce, Excel, and other analytical tools
  • Create surveys for internal and external research on accounts
  • Collect information and generate campaign materials for account managers 
  • Coordinating online event logistics
  • Posting to LinkedIn

What you bring to the team: 

  1. Analytical, communication, teamwork skills 
  2. Persistence in getting the information you need 
  3. Interest in project management
  4. Interest in business analytics to inform customer success 
  5. Ability to convene to a variety of stakeholders, collect and synthesize inputs
  6. Creative problem-solving skills
  7. Advanced knowledge in Google Suite (Google Sheet, Google Slide, Google Word) 
  8. Basic knowledge in Salesforce, Pardot, and survey tools such as SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics 

How to apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]