Customer Feedback Software

The benefits of gathering customer feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most important things for your business. It helps improve product development, marketing, operations, and so much more. Many companies fail because they do not listen to their customers (or their employees, even) enough. These are the people that spend the most amount of real-world time with a product or service. Listening to customers and applying those insights is the best way to propel a business forward. With the use of IdeaScale, anyone can build a community for your customers or you internal employees quickly and easily. But to make that job easier for companies, those ideas are prioritized and sortable in order to evaluate which make the most sense for implementation. Start listening to them today.

What is customer feedback software?

Customer feedback software is used to collect ideas, suggestions, or even problems from your customers online or within your current software application. But rather than simply amassing a list of problems, IdeaScale begins to build a community of ideas that can be harvested for future iterations of the product. It also allows other members to weigh in on those ideas so that they can build on them, share them, get excited about them. It’s more than feedback, it’s building a community. IdeaScale’s cloud-hosted software solution is optimized for all mobile devices with a web browser so that organizations and companies can engage with their network at any time, anywhere.

Email & Notification Tools

Email and announcements are powerful engagement tools and all notification preferences can be set by community admins at the outset of a campaign.

IdeaScale Stages

Stages organize the innovation lifecycle into discrete phases with specific activities, which are customizable and empower any organization to achieve their goals.


Incentivize your community by distributing points and badges based on the participation of members.

Custom Integration

IdeaScale’s development team will work to integrate with any team’s software and needs.

Assessment Tool

With the assessment tool, not only can community members vote ideas and comments up and down, but they can also evaluate that content across a number of different criteria

Process Management

Advisory services professionals can help define organizational processes and methods to help optimize innovation activities.

Section 508 Compliance

IdeaScale is proudly Section 508 compliant in the three main areas of concern: privacy, security, and accessibility.


Administrators can set automatic vote or comment thresholds to trigger notifications to members or route ideas to the next lifecycle stage.

Unlimited Ideas, Users & Comments

Engage your customer and employees with unlimited ideas, users, and comments.

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