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What is crowdsourcing software?

Crowdsourcing software is an online platform that allows for the collection of great ideas and for collaboration around their idea development. Crowdsourcing software automates the parts of the crowdsourcing process that no longer require manually sorting. Now instead of hiring a contractor or numerous meetings, you can tap into the furthest reaches of your network with IdeaScale’s cloud-based software solution and gather ideas, suggestions, and information from a vibrant and active audience. The members in that community can also help sort through the information housed there to help flag those ideas that would be best for implementation. Sometimes companies incentivize this behavior with prizes, sometimes participation in the community is reward enough, but IdeaScale’s communities come with a built-in gamified badge system that increases the level of engagement. Sign up with just a few simple clicks of a mouse.

How does crowdsourcing software work?

Administrators launch an IdeaScale community and invite their network to participate in the process of generating ideas for existing problems, current challenges, or ongoing innovation. Once a wealth of great ideas have been collected, it is then possible to form teams around promising ideas. These teams work to build out the best ideas into a thought-out proposal or recommendation. Once an idea has made it past the proposal stage, then administrators and stakeholders evaluate the best ideas to find the ones that align to business goals and will generate the highest level of ROI. Those ideas are then green-lit and implemented and the whole community can visibly watch the process or contribute to its completion.

IdeaScale’s crowdsourcing software is fully customizable, however, to any organization’s goals, vision, or process and can be adapted depending on the needs of the initiative. All you need to get started is to launch a free evaluation community to find out what process and configuration would work best for you.

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