Crowdsourcing Means Many Things

6101415124_7e87da0cd8_oI recently read an article about use of crowdsourcing. In it, the author discussed a twitter chat and follow-up series of surveys that asked travelers what they were looking for in a hotel. The results might not surprise you, but I do hope they inform lodging providers of how they can turn a traveler’s head. 

Needs: free Wi-Fi, shuttle service, complimentary breakfast
Eh: free parking, noise-free zones, room service, kid-friendly services

What really struck me about the article, however, was that the author tagged this initiative as “crowdsourcing” when it might have recently been flagged as “customer research.” This reminded me that there are numerous services and projects that fall into even the open innovation category of crowdsourcing.

So we’ve been thinking about how some of our customers applied it and came up with some common use cases and created a white paper called “What Can You Ask the Crowd For?”

Here are a few of the common questions that people use the crowd for:

What Do I Need to Know About My Industry?:
Just like, crowdsourcing market research takes the opinions of the crowd and amasses it into actionable understanding.

How Can I Be More Sustainable?:
With so many businesses focused on going green and maintaining environmental best practices, many businesses are focusing on ways that they can work to meet business bottom lines while also minimizing their carbon footprint and are reaching out to their network for ideas on how to do that.

For other ideas on how crowdsourcing might serve your company, download our tip sheet “What Can You Ask the Crowd For” here.

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