Crowdsourcing Event Timelines with HistoWiki

3349572686_dae2224f87_oAnyone who is familiar with the movie Vantage Point knows that different perspectives tell a different story, and unlike holography – one truth does not necessarily reflect the sum of truth, so an experiment like Histowiki could be a controversial issue. However, it might also add depth and context to events that otherwise seemed unanchored and random.

Topics that are currently up for scrutiny and commentary include the Google Glasses timeline, US Coverage of the Benghazi Embassy Attack, the Tea Party Scandal, the God Particle, and Bob Dylan (among others).

All a user has to do is create a member profile, submit a topic and begin citing and sharing sources. Other comments can be contributed in the user comments section. But it’s still being built and as the work-in-progress confirmation email will tell you “As soon as some spokes in this wheel are in place, I will get notifications of those further changes with sent to you via email.” It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

And, unlike other wiki pages, Histowiki is ad-supported, which may effect its subscription rates and user participation. However, the subjects that are treated so far do seem fairly fleshed out.

What other topics would be good for timeline review? I, for one, would be interested in the drama of the Boston Marathon as reported by the news. Do you think this could further focus or distort communal storytelling?

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