Crowdsourcing Book

IdeaScale provides a number of resources for our clients and those interested in crowdsourcing. We enjoy researching, reviewing, digging deep, and learning more. IdeaScale (as a tool) will allow anyone to get their own crowdsourcing project off the ground with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you want to learn more about crowdsourcing, there are numerous publications and websites, but if you have questions, contact our sales team and we’ll share our book about crowdsourcing (available for download today). Some people have actually even used IdeaScale to crowdsource the writing of a book. The possibilities really open up with a flexible tool like IdeaScale.

Mobile Application

IdeaScale users can share their ideas, comment, and vote from mobile devices both when connected to the internet or when composing ideas in offline mode

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The IdeaScale reporting dashboard tracks all-up and detailed information, including users, ideas, comments, and votes over time.

Build Proposal

Ideas can be developed by asking team members for custom criteria that helps leadership make informed decisions about which ideas are best.

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