Crowdfunding Moon Travel

97214206_c2b5560990_oSpace exploration has never felt as accessible as it does now and part of that impression is due to the empowerment the crowd now feels. Things that formerly seemed out of reach are now possible, because no one is responsible for achieving them alone. Even, apparently, the penetrating the boundaries of space seem within our grasp.

The latest of these ambitious undertakings is the company, Golden Spike, which would like to achieve a privately coordinated and manned mission to the moon by 2020. The team is almost entirely assembled of former space scientists and seasoned astronauts and they’re looking for public support in a few ways. The company mission may be stated vaguely, but Golden Spike is definitely looking for innovative interaction with a broad audience:

“Golden Spike will further transform human lunar exploration by making these missions participatory expeditions that involve the general public in ways that create exciting new ways to monetize human space exploration.”

Hmmm… “monetize, how?” I wonder.

Additionally, one of its latest efforts for both publicity and backing, is an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Rewards number from general recognition to the ability to nominate a potential explorer from any nation or sending a message to the moon. The most coveted reward? An all expense trip paid to the 2020 launch. You can see why armchair space explorers would relish the opportunity to support this initiative. However, with 60 days left in their campaign, and almost 235k left to raise, one wonders if they’ll succeed in this mission.

Finally, for an extra bit of fun, check out this infographic that outlines the Golden Spike mission to the moon.

How else will the crowd empower private companies to dream bigger? How else are we crowdsourcing space exploration?

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