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Create Change

Find the ideas that will make an impact. Create a public soap box or an internal forum to gather crowd incite. The IdeaScale platform is ideal for gathering large crowds, with low effort requirements to participate.  Our platform is quick to set up, and easy for your crowd to access.

Watch dialogue and debate develop around ideas through votes and comments. The IdeaScale platform will allow you to capitalize on the varied knowledge and interests of your crowd. Get to the ideas that will make a difference, and get to them faster.

Strategic Services

When you’re looking for the most significant, most impactful ideas, the process extends past vote tabulation. Our industry-leading practices will help your organization find the right voices, get them talking, and process their collective knowledge and ideas. Allow us to share our technology and our experience with you to create change.

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“Although there are other products out there like Mindmixer, we realized that when it came to the value for the cost, there was just no comparison – IdeaScale allowed us to exceed our project goals and gather a wealth of valuable, actionable feedback.”

– Kelly Schrimsher, Director of Communications for the Office of the Mayor, City of Huntsville, AL

“IdeaScale easily handled the large volume of traffic coming from the website.”

– Lena Trudeau, General Services Administration

“IdeaScale has been tremendously useful in helping us evaluate what we do next and where we put our resources while also giving us insight into potential new initiatives.”

– Peter Levin, CTO Department of Veteran Affairs

“Millions of people tuned in to watch Curiosity land, and IdeaScale gave them a way to be a part of the future exploration of Mars.”

– Rocky Lind, Information and Communications Coordinator, NASA