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Are Japanese Companies Afraid of Innovation?

How do you define innovation? I define innovation as creating and capturing new value as the Global Innovation Management Institute does.  We asked 930 companies in Japan the exact same question. Surprisingly, 0 companies had defined innovation for their company! Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but we’ve been asking if shows … Continued

Tax Design Challenge: The IRS Turns to Crowdsourcing

With Tax Day looming, the organization that taxpayers love to hate is turning to crowdsourcing to improve its services, as well as its image. Between April 17th and May 10, the IRS will be accepting submissions for a crowdsourced competition to craft the next generation of revenue collection: the Tax Design Challenge. Contest-based crowdsourcing has … Continued

The Basics Of Crowdfunding: How Crowdfunding Works

This article is a guest post by Bradley Taylor. Bradley Taylor is a freelance writer from Derby, England, UK who writes about all aspects of the automotive industry (among other subjects). You can connect with Bradley on Twitter and Google+.  Crowdfunding is the collective pooling, donation, or financial support of a person, group or project … Continued

Crowdsourcing Means Many Things

I recently read an article about use of crowdsourcing. In it, the author discussed a twitter chat and follow-up series of surveys that asked travelers what they were looking for in a hotel. The results might not surprise you, but I do hope they inform lodging providers of how they can turn a … Continued