Crowdsourcing Best Practices

How to Draw Innovation Inspiration From Customer Data

Data is the most valuable tool that any business has access to today. With the right insights, you can determine which of your marketing strategies generates the most return on investment or which audience you should target with your new [...]

How to Generate Ideas from Employees

Idea generation is the first step in the innovation process. It should involve everyone in your organization, and focus on increasing creativity at work. Research shows 94% of hiring managers consider creativity among the top hiring traits. Idea generation takes planning. [...]

A Look at the 2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

Disruption is a necessary component of innovation. The novel coronavirus has massively disrupted all industries, resulting in brand new questions and conversations. Some innovative companies take a centralized approach to innovation, while others choose a decentralized method. Research shows 30% of companies [...]