Crowdsourcing Best Practices

8 02, 2022

The Mead & Hunt Innovation Story


Mead & Hunt provides clients with expert planning, architecture design, engineering, environmental and construction administration services. At Mead & Hunt, they approach each project as an opportunity for innovation – [...]

18 05, 2021

2021 Crowdsourced Innovation Report


Overview: Ideascale's 2021 Innovation Report finds that 2020 made innovation strategy essential. In 2021, we expect to see faster turnaround times on ideas, even faster growth in departments focused directly [...]

6 04, 2021

A Look Back at Crowdsourced Innovation in 2020


Crowdsourcing can influence innovation. According to a 2017 survey, 86% of companies who incorporate crowdsourcing in the workplace cite employee engagement as a top priority. This gives everyone an opportunity to [...]

14 02, 2021

Leveraging the Benefits of Open Innovation


Open innovation is innovation where companies or organizations reach out to other companies, individuals, and the general public to create innovative products and services. The internet has made this type [...]

28 01, 2021

Ways to Generate Ideas from a Distance


More people are working from home than ever before. Organizations need a way of innovating from a distance. Remote work is expected to increase in the coming years. A recent study [...]