Burger Week

ImageIdeaScale works globally and has a truly far-flung network of associates. We’ve become experts at telecommuting and long distance collaborating and it helps to serve our global network of clients as well. Someone’s always on.

However, every so often, our team gathers and we reach a critical mass. Amazing things happen in this time: we get some great ideas into production, we collaborate, overheard conversations become group brainstorming sessions. We become drunk on our own power and possibility and sometimes this veers into dangerous territory as it did this week.

With team members in from all over the U.S. and as far away as Bangladesh – all of us assembled in our Bay Area headquarters, exciting things happened. In addition to a lot of great progress on IdeaScale projects, we launched a week-long quest that we called Burger Week.

Each day this week, the whole team has gathered at lunch-time in search of another great burger. Every day this week was a new chance to have the art and science of burger assemblage re-envisioned for us. Crucial questions came into play: drive-in style or gourmet burgers? Pickles and mayo on every burger or were those considered burger perks? It got to the point where there was a strange emptiness that prevailed over us all right around noon? What was this feeling? This void? And then it dawned on us: it had been almost 24 hours since our last burger.

Since the start of burger week, we have visited: Stags Lunchnette, Smokehouse, True Burger, Phat Matt’s BBQ, and we’ll just have to see what Friday afternoon has in store. Yes, next week, we might all have to retreat to our separate corners of the world, but not without answering what our favorite East Bay burger was.

What are we going to do next time everyone’s in town? Pizza Week.

What happens when your team collaborates? What’s your favorite burger? Want to know what we think? Just email us and we’d be glad to give you a burger recommendation. It’s safe to say that we reference the Hamblogger as our fearless burger guide. Check it out for some great burger writing and recommendations.

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  1. Alex An

    I love to eat such burgers….yummy….


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